GLOCAS Publication


  1. 土屋由香・三浦智恵美(編)『[資料集]愛媛県南部におけるマグロ遠洋漁業者への聞き取り調査』
  2. Ishizaka Shinya (ed.), Natural Faming Today 1
  3. 土屋由香・三浦智恵美(編)『高知県室戸市におけるマグロ遠洋漁業関係者への聞き取り調査報告書』
  4. 梶原克彦(編)『『海南新聞』松山俘虜収容所関連記事集成 大正三年八月-十二月』
  5. Ishizaka Shinya (ed.), Natural Faming Today 2
  6. 梶原克彦(編)『『海南新聞』松山俘虜収容所関連記事集成 大正四年一月-十二月』
  7. Ishizaka Shinya (ed.), Natural Faming Today 3

GLOCAS Working Paper

  1. Ishizaka Shinya, Glocalization of Natural Farming: A Case Study of Indiadownload
  2. Kajiwara Katsuhiko, German POWs and their Occupation: Forced Global Migration and Subsistence in Localitydownload
  3. Mikami Satoru, Store Image and Shopping Patronage: The Case of Customers of Japanese Shopping Center in the
  4. Ohta Kyoko, Scaling Up of Niche Policy Innovation for Long-term Caredownload
  5. Tsuchiya Yuka, Japanese Deep-sea Tuna Fisheries: A New Wave of Overseas Expansion in the Post-Second World War Eradownload